• Targets development of "hot sedimentary aquifer" resource in Great Artesian Basin (GAB) located in open desert terrain
    in northeastern portion of South Australia province


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  • Objective is to develop a large scale (>200 MW) generation facility exploiting a very large volume, moderate-temperature,
    sediment-hosted geothermal resource, and transmit the power to the Australian regional grid

  • Layman Energy Associates (LEA) has signed an agreement with Pacific Hydro Ltd. (PHL) to cooperate on development
    of the South Australia geothermal project.
  • Melbourne-based PHL is Australia’s leading renewable energy company, and currently has more than 2,000MW of
    hydroelectric and wind farm projects at varying stages of development across Australia, Southeast Asia and
    the Pacific Rim

  • Layman Energy Associates provides geothermal resource consulting services to PHL to support development of the
    GAB geothermal project.

  • PHL has secured from the South Australian government a series of geothermal exploration licenses over the project
    area which form a contiguous block totaling approximately 9,000 square kilometers

  • PHL and LEA have completed a program of downhole temperature logging of existing water supply bores and
    re-interpretation of seismic data
Water supply well producing 100 deg C fluid, located north of
Clifton Hills, South Australia  (
photo:  E.B. Layman)