LEA initiates development of geothermal power projects by acquiring resource data, developing a conceptual
    model of the resource and securing leasing rights.  

    LEA Geothermal Project-  South Australia

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    LEA Geothermal Projects-  Imperial County, California USA

  • The Salton Trough is a major geothermal province with over 1300 MW
    of operating facilities at the Salton Sea, North Brawley, East Mesa,
    Heber and Cerro Prieto geothermal fields.

  • The excellent geothermal development potential of the Salton Trough relates
    to high regional heat flow and high levels of seismicity associated with
    this active zone of crustal spreading along a major tectonic plate boundary.

  • LEA retains an interest in the Truckhaven (or "New Truckhaven") geothermal
  • LEA also holds non-competitive federal lease applications on 6,380 acres
    at the Superstition Mountain geothermal area.

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South Australia Project