Layman Energy Associates Leasing Rights

  • Located in Imperial County, CA in open desert land on the west flank of the Salton Trough in Imperial County, CA

  • Layman Energy Associates (LEA) filed on 6,380 acres of non-competitive federal geothermal lease applications in the area

  • A portion of LEA's lease applications (3,160 acres) overlap Range Safety Zone A on the Naval Air Facility El Centro (NAFEC)

  • The Bureau of Land Management the Navy are currently discussing which agency has jurisdiction for geothermal leasing and
    development within the Range Safety Zone A area

    Resource Data

  • CLICK on the following thumbnail illustrations below:  geology & drill sites map; key geothermal features and land status
    map; temperature and geologic cross-section; stabilized temperature profiles for Navy NAFEC wells

  • An extensive, 8 square-mile shallow thermal anomaly was identified by gradient hole drilling conducted in the early 1980's by
    Chevron Resources Company (Yunghul, 1982)

  • No surface thermal features are present, but zones of hydrothermal alteration occur along the NE-flank of Superstition

  • A self-potential survey conducted by the U.S. Navy Geothermal Program defined an SP anomaly which closely overlaps the
    center of the shallow thermal anomaly, providing a strong indication that an active geothermal system is present.  Further
    details are provided in the paper by Bjornstad et al 2006, Geoth. Res.Council Trans. vol. 30.  

  • The thermal and self-potential anomalies and surface hydrothermal alteration are all centered along the NE-flank of
    Superstition Mountain, and are closely associated with range-front splays of the Superstition Mountain Fault Zone.

  • The U.S. Navy drilled three deep temperature gradient holes at the site between 2008-2010 (NAFEC-1, -2, -3).  The Navy has
    released lithology and temperature data for these wells in Tiedeman et al 2010 Geoth. Res. Council Trans. vol. 34 and in
    Tiedeman & Bjornstad 2011 Geoth.Res. Council Bull. vol. 40, no. 3.

  • Comparison of the temperature profiles for the NAFEC wells clearly indicates that NAFEC-3, located closest to the range front
    fault zone on the NE flank of Superstition Mountain, is the most convective and highest temperature of the 3 wells.

  • NAFEC-3 encountered a maximum temperature of 255 deg F at a depth of 2,810 feet and no significant zones of
    permeability.  This suggests NAFEC-3 did not penetrate the fractured central conduit of the Superstition Mountain resource
    which controls the upwelling of geothermal fluids in the system.

  • The interpretive temperature and geologic section shows that a 300 deg F + resource is likely centered along the northern
    range front fault zone and possibly within the Superstition Mountain block itself.  This highly prospective area occurs primarily
    within that portion of LEA's lease applications located outside of the Navy's Range Safety Zone A

  • The geologic setting of the resource on the west margin of the Salton Trough suggests this is a low-salinity, moderate-
    temperature system developed in fractured Mesozoic granitic basement rocks

  • Superstition Mountain is an excellent candidate for 20-30 MW binary geothermal plant.