As a leading geothermal consultant, Layman Energy Associates provides
    consulting services to the geothermal industry worldwide, with a primary focus on
    the subsurface geothermal resource.  Typical geothermal consulting services we
    offer may include:

  • Design and execution of geothermal exploration and drilling programs

  • Well Targeting

  • Geothermal resource assessments for operators and lenders

  • Geologic and geophysical investigations

  • Reservoir management to optimize project power output

  • Feasibility study preparation

  • Analysis of hydrologic impacts of geothermal development

  • Geothermal project management, from business development to exploration,
    construction and operation

  • Affiliation with leading engineering firms in the geothermal industry to
    complement the firm's core resource expertise

  • Extensive in-house computer graphics capability
Drilling while producing steam, Patuha geothermal
project, West  Java, Indonesia  
(photo:  E. Yearsley)
Representative map showing key resource parameters,
Wayang Windu geothermal field, Indonesia
(based on published data)