Some highlights of Mr. Layman's industry experience include:

  • 12 years as Exploration Geologist, Development Geologist and Senior
    Geologist for Chevron Geothermal Company and CalEnergy Company.  His
    project responsibilities included evaluation of diverse geothermal prospects
    located in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah and New Mexico, plus
    detailed reservoir studies of the operating geothermal fields at Coso and Heber
    in California and at Beowawe, Nevada.

  • 4 years as Exploration Manager for the Darajat geothermal project in west Java,
    Indonesia, as part of a Chevron-Texaco joint venture.  Under Mr. Layman's
    leadership, the exploratory drilling program achieved 25 Megawatts (MW) of
    steam at the wellhead, leading to construction and operation of the 55 MW
    Darajat Unit 1 facility.

  • 4 years as Geothermal Resource Manager for the Dieng, Patuha and Bali
    geothermal projects in Indonesia, operated by Calenergy Company (Mid-
    American Energy Holdings).  Mr. Layman was responsible for all aspects of the
    resource development program for these three projects, which achieved 266 MW
    of steam at the wellhead at Dieng and Patuha, and drilled the discovery well at
    Bedugul, Bali.  The success of the exploratory drilling program led to closing of
    US$ 520 million in project financing for Dieng Unit 1 (60 MW); Dieng Unit 2 (80
    MW); and Patuha Unit 1 (80 MW).  Dieng Unit 1 was commissioned in March

  • In 1998, Mr. Layman founded Layman Energy Associates, Inc., (LEA) a
    geothermal consultant and geothermal project development firm.  LEA works with
    industry and government clients both domestic and international.  The firm has
    received numerous grant awards totaling over US$ 6.0 million from state, federal
    and multi-lateral financial institutions in support of geothermal investigations for
    projects located both in the U.S. and overseas.


    Erik B. Layman, President of Layman Energy Associates, received his BSc. and MSc.
    degrees in Geology from Stanford University.  He has over 30 years of industry experience
    in the exploration, development, operation and assessment of geothermal power projects.  
    He has worked extensively on geothermal projects located throughout the western United
    States, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Samoa, Australia, Guatemala and
    St. Vincent.
Flow testing of well with 23 Megawatt
capacity at the Dieng geothermal
project, Central Java, Indonesia
(photo:  W. Osborn)
"A quality geothermal resource model, interpreted from
a carefully acquired suite of geo-scientific and drillhole
data, provides the foundation for exploration and
development success."
Representative map showing key resource
Los Azufres geothermal field, Mexico
(based on published data)